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Student Worker Handbook: Scanner/Copier/Printer

What you need to know to excel as a library assistant

General Guidelines

One of your responsibilities as a library assistant is to refill paper in the printer as needed.  Check drawers as listed on the walk through sheet at the desk.  Near the end of the semester this may need to be checked more often as many projects are due.

Paper is located in the metal storage cabinet in Ms. Heather's office.

Copying and Scanning

Directions for using the scanner are located on wall beside the machine.  Students may scan, copy, or print needed materials.


If the printer jams, check the screen to see where the jam is located.  Jams are usually located in the right side panel.  Open the panel and pull out the jammed paper.  Shut the panel and see if this fixes the problem.  If you are unable to correct the problem, tell a staff member.

If the printer runs out of toner, notify a staff member so the cartridge can be replaced.

Network Problems

Occasionally, the printer experiences network problems and is unable to accept print jobs.  When this happens, direct students to print to the Green Lab printer downstairs.

How to Select the Green Lab printer:

  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Select "File" --> "Print".
  3. Click the "Printer" box and select "Add Printer" near the bottom of the list
  4. Type in "Library" and click "Find Now"
  5. From the list of printers, select "Library Basement Rm.O-107"
  6. Print