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Student Worker Handbook: Mail

What you need to know to excel as a library assistant

Campus Post Office

Post Office Staff

     Edith Garrett  ext. 5107


     Lower level of the CLC

Mail Procedures

All students will be expected to know how to process the mail.

Drop Off and Pick Up Mail

  • Around 9:00 a.m. or 10 a.m., the incoming mail box will be dropped off at the desk and the outgoing mail box will be picked up
  • Make sure a PO slip with the date and number of items is in the box with the outgoing mail
  • Outgoing interdepartmental mail envelopes will have a separate PO slip that also needs to be in the box
  • Please get Jenn, Shannon or Joni to sign for the mail when it arrives

Separate the Incoming Mail

  • Stack magazines and journals on the counter in the back to be checked in and processed.
  • Open ILL packages and give the contents to Joni.  Place reusable packing neatly under the counter.
  • Give invoices, subscription notices, etc. to Joni.
  • Give other mail to appropriate recipient.

Process the Newspapers

  • Place newspapers in the appropriate place on the newspaper shelf.

Packaging Items for the Mail

Guidelines for Packaging ILL Materials

  1. Select a padded envelope or box the right size for the material(s).
  2. Locate the shipping address on the ILL form.
  3. Write the address on a mailing label (if multiple addresses are listed, be sure to use the one for postal delivery).
  4. Staple a return shipping label to the form.
  5. Fold the ILL form in half and place it inside the front cover of the book.
  6. Place the book inside the envelope or box and seal securely (use plenty of tape if reusing an envelope).
  7. Put all packages in the box to be taken over to the Post Office.
  8. Fill out a mail slip (write the date and number of packages) and place it in the box with the packages.


For fragile items, such as AV materials, always use a box rather than an envelope.

Package items securely--use newspaper or foam peanuts as needed to prevent items from sliding around in the box.

When mailing items to a SWU student, rather than another library, include a blue informational insert on how to return the items to Rickman Library.  These inserts are located in the box with the ILL mailing stickers.