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Student Worker Handbook: Newspaper Articles For Archiving

What you need to know to excel as a library assistant


The library saves all articles from local newspapers that are about Southern Wesleyan University.  These articles are cut out, labeled, and archived. 

Papers to be checked are:

The Sentinal-Progress

Anderson Independent Mail

Greenville News

Pickens County Courier


When cutting out articles, it is important to be sure to get the entire article.  Check for a "continued on page.." at the end of the article.  Having only part of the story is useless.


Also, when you cut out the article, be sure to write the name of the paper and the date in the margin.


Once the articles are cut and labeled, they are to be placed in the wire basket on the shelf below the sign-in notebook in Jenn's office.


* Articles are grouped by newspapers (Ex. “The Easley Progress”) and put in chronological order (Ex. all “The Easley Progress” articles should be grouped together in chronological order)

* After articles are grouped chronologically by newspapers the grouped articles should then be alphabetized by newspaper title. (Ex. All chronological “The Easley Progress’” articles should be put in the folder first then all chronological “Independent Mail” articles then all chronological “Greenville News” articles etc.)

* If there is an article with NO DATE but there IS A NEWSPAPER TITLE make that article the last article in that newspaper section. (Ex. If an article SAYS “THE EASLEY PROGRESS” but has NO DATE then that article will go behind the last article with a date in “The Easley Progress” section.)

* If there IS A DATE but there is NO NEWSPAPER TITLE put those articles in chronological order after the last section of articles with a newspaper title. (Ex. If “Pickens Sentinel” is the last newspaper group in a folder the articles WITH A DATE but NO NEWSPAPER TITLE would go after the “Pickens Sentinel” section in chronological order.)

* If there is NO DATE and NO NEWSPAPER TITLE on an article those articles are then the very last articles put in the folder. They go behind all other articles (including the articles with a date but no newspaper title) in no particular order.


* Make sure you read through all the folder titles so you can put the articles in the right folder. (Ex. There is a separate folder for athletic signings so do not put an article about a signing in the folder for the sport that person is signing with. It will go in the “athletics-signings” folder.

* If there is a newspaper page that has several different articles that would each go in a different folder then cut the articles out, put the date and the newspaper title on each, and file them accordingly.

* If an article is supposed to have a separate page that continues the article but that page is not there then throw that article away.