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Overdue, Fine, and Lost Item Policy

Overdue, Fine, & Lost Item Policy

Overdue, Fine, and Lost Item Policy

Fine Rates:

Regular loans                 $.20 per day (max. $25)

DVD                                $.50 per day (max. $25)

Library Only Reserves    $.10 per hour (max. $25) 2 hour limit

1 Day Reserves              $.50 per day (max. $25)

3 Day Reserves              $.50 per day (max. $25)

1 Week Reserves           $.50 per day (max. $25)

Overdue Materials:

All materials will begin accruing fines after the 3-day grace period. Fines continue to accrue until items are returned or renewed by a librarian.  Once overdue fees reach $5.00, patrons cannot check out materials.  We will not knowingly check materials out to friends of a patron.

Lost Billed Items:

Materials that have been overdue for 28 days will be billed as lost.  Lost billed items are an automatic fine of $100 per item.  If the materials are returned, the fine drops to the actual overdue amount, up to the replacement cost of the item. If the material is truly lost, the fee is the replacement cost of the item.  Patrons may purchase the item and bring it to the library as replacement, or pay the library to purchase the item. 

Patrons with lost items may continue to check out books for one month.  If at that time materials have not been returned or paid for, patrons cannot check out books until they resolve the lost billed issue.

Diploma & Transcript Holds:

Holds will be placed on diplomas and transcripts for all those who have fines over $5.00 and/or have lost billed items. 

Paying Fines

Fines can be paid online through mySWU.  On the student page, click on "Pay My Fines."  Then, click on "Library Fines." 

You can also pay fines with cash at the library circulation desk (we cannot take debit/credit cards at the desk).

Avoiding Fines

To avoid having overdue fines, please be aware that you can renew materials online on the library web page.