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HIST 3473 Historiography & Research Methods

Welcome to the Historiography & Research Methods research guide.

Welcome to Historiography & Research Methods

Teatro Romano de Merida

Teatro Romano de Merida, Merida, Spain.  This Creative Commons photo courtesy of Pikaluk.

Welcome to the Historiography & Research Methods research guide.  This guide will point you to the best resources available to you as a student at Southern Wesleyan University.

Introduction to Historiography

Historiography is the study of how historians interpreted historical events.  It is through this study of secondary sources that contemporary historians identify changes and trends in the profession.  Mastering historiography is a foundational activity of an education in history.   

This guide provides suggestions in both how to find scholarly historiographies and methods to gather sources to write a historiography.  The information provided here are just starting points and far from comprehensive. Please contact the library if you need additional assistance.

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