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Library Services for Faculty and Staff

Welcome to the Library Services for Faculty and Staff research guide.

What is an embedded librarian?

Embedded librarians are integrated information experts that offer more direct research assistance to groups of faculty and students than the typical one-shot instruction session, often over the course of an entire semester.

While librarians can embed in face-to-face classes, they are increasingly in demand within virtual environments in order to support online classes, hybrid classes, and face-to-face classes that include an online support component.

Embedded librarians work closely with teaching faculty in their courses, providing a library resource to students throughout the entire course.  Librarians work with instructors to collaborate and assist students with assignments that utilize library resources and answer students’ questions regarding library materials. This program seeks to create an integrated and sustained collaboration between the librarians and teaching faculty instead of a parallel interaction through traditional library instruction.

Why do I need an embedded librarian?

An embedded librarian will facilitate student research and use of library resources either during the entire course or just when needed. She can work with you, the instructor, a little or a lot, whichever best meets your needs. The librarian can:

·         Offer individual attention to students during any stage of their research process

·         Serve as a contact regarding library or research questions

·         Work with students to quickly resolve library access issues

·         Provide specially designed content for the course, including suggested resources, tutorials, search strategies and research guides or LibGuides

What does the librarian need from the professor?

The librarian will have access to your Canvas course. The librarians can add library-related links and information on the Resources page after collaborating with the instructor.

The most important thing the librarian needs from instructors is promotion of the library and its resources. Announcing that a librarian will be part of the class and will be available for questions is a tremendous first step. If you see students struggling with research, remind them that a librarian is available to help. If the instructor stresses the importance of library resources, more students are likely to use this valuable service!

What does the embedded librarian do?

A librarian is assigned to your class. The librarian advises you on the most appropriate materials and services that can be directly integrated into your Canvas course shell. A library research workshop, tailored to your curriculum, is offered. (The workshop can be online or in person.) The librarian will create a custom research guide, called a LibGuide, to help your students with research.  In addition, the embedded librarian will provide you and your students assistance in the following areas:

1. Personal librarian with experience in searching complex library systems and databases

2. Embedded librarian familiar with the research process

3. Practical expertise with Canvas

4. Narrowing (or expanding) research topics and refining ideas

5. Highly relevant library content delivered right to students

6. Quick links to electronic resources, not the whole library website

7. Moving beyond Google and Wikipedia to scholarly, academic sources

8. Choosing keywords, search strategies, and tips

9. How-to digital tutorials

10. Web 2.0 tools for citing sources