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BIOL 2001 Biology Cornerstone Seminar

Welcome to the Biology Cornerstone Seminar research guide.

Advanced Internet Searching

Google is indeed your friend, but try these specialized tools for different, and probably more scholarly, results.


Google Scholar search

Instead of just "Googling" your topic, try using Google Scholar, which searches only scholarly sources.

Google Scholar Search

Google Books search

Includes many full-text books, and some scholarly resources.

Google Book Search

Latest from PLoS Biology

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NSF Discoveries - Biology RSS

"NSF's public investment in science, engineering, education and technology helps to create knowledge and sustain prosperity. Read here about the Internet, microbursts, Web browsers, extrasolar planets, and more."

National Science Foundation

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Biology Websites

Here are some recommended biology resources.  If you have suggestions for additional links, please use the suggestion box below.