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VIDEO: How to do an Advanced Search in Google Books

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Read over a million Google books from the public domain. To get started, just go to

Once you've selected a book, here is how to navigate:

  1. Tap on the bottom right corner and the page to flip the page.
  2. Tap on the bottom left corner to go back to the previous page.
  3. Scroll the text, just like a normal web page.

Viewing Levels of Google books

You will not be able to fully access all books on Google Books. The different viewing levels are: 

  • "Full View" (the full text) for books that are no longer under copyright.
  • "Limited Preview" allows a sample view of a few pages at the publishers permission.
  • "Snippet View" shows a few sentences at a time.
  • "No Preview" only shows the information about the book.

Google Books

Google Books

Search the world's most comprehensive index of full-text books. Google is scanning the entire collection of some of the world's greatest libraries: Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, University of Michigan, New York Public Library and more. Google has millions of books online already. Magazines and newspapers are also available. Go to Google Books now.

Google Books have different levels of accessibility: no preview available, snippet, limited or full view. The views for each book are based on the copyright and copyright owner of each book. If out of copyright, full view. If publisher agrees, limited view. Basic information about the book only, no preview available. The best results tend to be historical, so this feature is best used for subjects like literature and history. Public domain books can even be downloaded in EPUB and PDF format.

Google Books provides many opportunities.  You can: 

  • Embed Google books from which students can read the table of contents, search within the book and read as much of it as copyright allows.
  • Embed entire public domain books that students can read.
  • Embed clips from public domain books.
  • Embed a Google magazine.

Try an advanced search to limit your results.  Different ways to limit your search include author, title, subject, and date.

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