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How to use OneSearch

Search Tips

Surround terms in quotation marks if you want an exact phrase. Ex. "servant leadership"

You can use Boolean operators in a search, but they need to be capitalized.  AND=narrow search with both terms present; OR=broad search with either term present; NOT=exludes term

Punctuation can matter!  Ex. 20000 leagues vs 20,000 leagues     

Use Advanced Search if you:

  • need to search some words or phrases in particular fields of the record 
  • want to use at least one AND and an OR in a search
  • are searching the EBSCO Database scope

You can also specify how you want the terms searched:

  • is (exact) – Returns results that contain phrases that exactly match the phrases specified in the query.

  • contains – Returns results that contain all words in the phrase, but the words may be in a different order and may not be as close together.

  • starts with – Returns results that contain words that start with the specified string. This type performs left-anchored title searches only.


            ?          to limit to a single character.  You can use this internally, ex wom?n

            *          multiple characters.   ex  environment*   finds environment, environments, environmental, environmentalism