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3D Printing in the Rickman Library

A guide to using the Dremel Digilab 3D45 printer

Printing Basics

1. Download a design as an .stl file.

2. Upload the design to the Dremel slicer.

3. Edit the design for quality, size, and filling. 

4. Slice the design and save it to a usb drive.

5. Insert usb into the printer. Select design.

6. Apply glue to the build platform.

7. Print. 

8. When design is complete, remove printed object.


1. Printer 1 is first come, first served. Printer 2 is available by reservation only

2. Users must clear designs with a library worker or librarian before printing. Users may leave while the design is printing; however, you must leave contact information.

3. Print jobs must be completed prior to closing. Add 1 hour to the estimated time to allow for warm up and printing. Any print that does not finish by closing will be paused and resumed when library services begin the next business day. A reserved print job that goes over the estimated time will be stopped if the printing will affect another reservation. Each user is responsible for estimating the time of the reservation.

4. Print designs will not be accepted by email. 

5. Users may not open or adjust the printers at any time. If there are mechanical problems, please notify a library worker.