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Information about Swivl tools

Swivl Robots

The Swivl is a robotic tool that enables educators to easily capture, review, and share instructional videos. Swivl puts faculty in control of how lectures are recorded, allows for the accommodation of all student learning styles, and ensures no one ever misses a moment of instruction while also offering support for the evaluation of instruction and learning.

The Swivl provides a robotic mount for a tablet, camera, or smartphone and comes with a remote control marker. It is designed to track and, with the video capture abilities of the other device, record videos of a moving person using tracking, line of sight, technology, and a 360-degree rotating platform to follow a handheld marker.  A mount located on the top of the rotating platform holds various recording devices allowing a person to record or broadcast a video of themselves in motion. A free app (available in the user’s app store) allows for the instant upload of videos to a Cloud for sharing or subsequent review.

Swivl Robots are available for faculty access through library circulation.