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Tips for Using E-Books

ProQuest E-Books

  • Ebook Central is the online platform used to read ProQuest e-books. 
  • All e-books can be read both online or downloaded to a PC or mobile device. Adobe Digital Editions is needed to read on either a PC or mobile device.
  • There is a limit to the number of pages that can be printed or copied; the number will vary depending on the publisher.

Please note that some titles available through your library may not be available unlimited-user or DRM-free and may only allow limited downloading. This exact amount can vary by title, but the information for each book can be found under the "Availability" section of the book details page.

To download ProQuest e-books for offline reading on your PC you will need to download Adobe Digital Editions and create an account. You will have the option to download an entire e-book or specific chapters.


To download an entire e-book:

1. Click "Download Book"

2. Choose "I am using my own computer"

3. Confirm that you already have downloaded Adobe Digital Editions.

4. Click "Download". Depending on if the e-book is DRM-free or not, you may need to choose the number of days you would like to borrow the e-book.


5. An .acsm file will download. Click on the file and it will open in Adobe Digital Editions



To read ProQuest e-books on your mobile device you will need to have an Adobe Digital Editions account and a DRM reader mobile app. It is recommended that you download a DRM reader app that is not Adobe Digital Editions, suggestions are listed below.

DRM Reader Apps:

To download the e-book or chapter to your mobile device follow the same instructions as if you were going to download to your PC. Once the PDF is downloaded to your device you can then open it with the PDF reader app of your choice.

1. To download a specific chapter navigate to the desired chapter under the "Table of Contents" on the book details page. Click "Download PDF" next to the chapter you wish to download.


2. A pop-up preparing the download will appear. Click "Download" to get the PDF.


3. A PDF file of the chapter will download to your computer that you can then read in your desired PDF viewer.

If a single chapter download will exceed the allowed limited a pop-up message will let you know and offer alternative solutions such as downloading smaller portions of the chapter or using the online reader.

Accessibility on Ebook Central

Accessibility on Ebook Central