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RELG 2403 Basic Christian Beliefs

Welcome to the Basic Christian Beliefs research guide.

Religion Databases

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Helpful Hints...

Tips for narrowing your topic:

  • Compare/contrast Denominations, religions
  • Think about your major/discipline
  • Think about literature (The Shack and others)
  • Think about the Bible/Biblical characters
  • Add another related topic
  • Look at a specific sub-group of people
  • Christian worldview vs. secular worldview
  • Relate your topic to a current/recent event (elections, terrorists, war, etc.)


A good thesis is a statement that can be proven or disproven.

Example from class: "In comparison to the United States, South America is experiencing a surge of miraculous occurrences and church growth, providing evidence that the Holy Spirit is strongly at work on that continent."

Another example: "The concept of suffering is present in both the Buddhist and Christian religions, but it is the related concept of grace that truly differentiates how adherents of both religions think about the act of suffering."