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Music Education

Welcome to the Music Education research guide.

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Where the Music Education Books Are

Most music books are located in the 780-789 classification of the Dewey Decimal System:

The books in the regular collection on music are shelved on the second floor, within the call number range of 780-789

780 General Music
781 General principles and musical forms, music theory, composition, sacred music
782 Vocal music
783 Music for single voices; The voice
784 Instruments and instrumental ensembles
785 Ensembles with one instrument per part
786 keyboard, mechanical, electronic, and percussion instruments
787 stringed instruments
788 Wind instruments
789 Music history

The 780's are located on the second floor of the library. Recordings of music are located in the music listening room. Musical scores are also located on the second floor of the library.  You can search for all music materials in SWUcat, the library catalog.  There are also some books on music education in the 370's.

Curriculum Lab


The Curriculum Lab is housed on the top floor of the library. The arrangement of the Curriculum Center is by Dewey Decimal System, just like the rest of the books in the library. Dewey Number 372 is where all elementary education books are housed. This is the arrangement:

372.1 Organization and activities in elementary education
372.2 Specific levels of elementary education
372.3 Computers, science, technology, health
372.4 Reading
372.5 Creative and manual arts
372.6 Language Arts (communication skills)
372.7 Mathematics
372.8 Other studies
372.87 Music
372.9 Historical, geographic