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ECON 2053 Microeconomics

Welcome to the Microeconomics research guide.

Essay Topics

The topic for the essay should relate to one of the topics covered so far in the course: Cost-Benefit Analysis, Comparative Advantage, or Supply and Demand.

Your essay should include both a summary and an analysis using the tools you have learned in class.  The essay should be no more than half summary in its content.  You will submit the essay on Canvas.  Do NOT include the article with the essay you submit online but do include it as a source on your reference page. If you have questions about whether a specific article would be appropriate or not, send your instructor an email with either the article text or detailed information (such as a web address) so he can find the article and see how it fits.

For example, there might be an article about an early freeze that hurt the orange crops of Florida. You would summarize what the article says in a page or so and then add (either at the end or throughout the essay) an analysis using what you've learned about supply and demand to support the article, to show the article was incorrect, or to add additional insight about the situation that the article did not contain.

The essay should be a minimum of 2 pages, double-spaced with 12 point font.  You should submit it in APA format including a cover page and a reference page which do not count towards the page requirement.  

Approved sources:

Wall Street Journal

The Economist

US News & World Report

Business Week

If you use a source other than an approved one, you must ask your instructor's permission first or you will have a large deduction of points.

Grading Rubric:
















Content – Summary of the issues raised by the article

You demonstrate clear critical thinking of the article.

You demonstrate a competent level of critical thinking of the article.

You demonstrate a limited amount of critical thinking of the article.

You demonstrate little to no critical thinking of the article .






Relationship to the course material

Thoughtful, well explored and well substantiated.

Mostly well thought out and substantiated

Some mention but not substantiated in all places

Few if any, not supported






Appropriateness of the Choice of Article

Article is from an approved source and relates greatly to the criteria in the assignment.

Article is from a good source but may not be an approved one but still matches well with the assignment specifications.

Article is from a questionable source but the content still mostly matches with the assignment specifications.

Source is not reliable and/or content does not match with the assignment specifications.






Structure & mechanics – Grammar and spelling, length, APA

No grammar or spelling errors.

All citations are correct. Length matches the required pages.

Only a few grammar or spelling errors. Citations are correct. Length is less than the required pages.

3-5 spelling or grammar errors. Some citation errors. Length is less than the required pages.

More than 5 spelling or grammar errors.  Multiple citation errors. Length is < required pages.




Total Points







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