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Community Users Policy

Welcome to the community users policy research guide.

Community Users Policy

Rickman Library Community Users Policy

Visitors to the Rickman Library may request to be logged into a computer by a Librarian.  Upon first requesting a guest log-in, the community user must present a valid ID (driver’s license) for the library to copy and keep on file.  Community users will be logged in for 60 minutes per visit.  The purpose of library computers is academic research by SWU students, faculty, and staff. This is the highest priority for use.  All computer use by visitors is by definition low priority, and patrons may be required to cease their activity at any time to accommodate higher priority users.

Use of Rickman Library technology and support resources for personal, taxable income generation is prohibited. No soliciting for money or conducting of enterprises for profit is allowed in the library. This would include any non-SWU affiliated business as well as small businesses run by students, staff, faculty or community users.

Only active Southern Wesleyan University students, faculty, and staff with a valid SWU email address and ID can use or reserve study rooms and meeting rooms in the library.

Community members who disrupt use of the library by SWU students, faculty, or staff may be asked to leave at the discretion of library personnel.  Community users may not sleep in the library, attempt to sell any goods, products, or services, or attempt to recruit students for any reason.  As part of Southern Wesleyan University, the library facility and resources are private property; anyone who poses a direct or implied threat to any member of the campus community will be asked to leave the premises immediately. Campus Safety personnel may be called upon to intervene if necessary.