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Library Classroom Reservation Policy

Library Classroom Reservation Policy

Library staff have priority use of the Library Classroom.  The Director of Library Services reserves the right to cancel any booking, should a need arise.

Priority is given to library instruction sessions.  During the first four weeks of each semester, schedulers from outside the library may only reserve the room five days in advance.     

The Library Classroom may be reserved by campus faculty, staff, and students for SWU-related purposes only.  The room may not be reserved for regularly scheduled classes. 

Reservations must be made through Skedda by contacting library staff with the date, time, and purpose of the reservation.  If the room is not reserved in advance, library staff cannot guarantee use of the space.  

Reservations should cover the entire time span needed.  The classroom is often booked back-to-back, so it is important to clear the room by the end of each reserved slot.

The room should be left orderly and clean.  Furniture should be returned to its original arrangement. 

Bookings that are no longer needed should be cancelled so that others may reserve the space.   


Policy approved 11/9/2022 by Rickman Library Staff; Updated 5/24/2023