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Citation/Style Guides

Welcome to the Citation/Style Guides research guide.


The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association provides detailed guidelines for using APA style. The most recent (6th) edition of the APA Publication Manual is kept at the Reference Desk.

American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association. (6th ed.). Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

   REF 808.06615 P96 2010  

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Setting up Headers

APA requires headers on every page of a paper. There are some special instructions to format the headers. The format expectations are below with instructions


Page 1:

Left Margin: Running head: FULL TITLE OF YOUR PAPER

Right Margin (same line): 1

Page 2: 


Right Margin (same line): 2


Instructions for Word 2013

Begin on Page 1 and Tab or space to the right margin, click the "Page Number" button. Check the box: "Different Page First". Select position, "Top Page Number", then "Plain Number 3". Type number "1". 

Next, begin typing the phrase,  "Running head: FULL TITLE OF THE PAPER". The phrase cannot be more than 50 characters, including spaces. Add spaces between the running head and number 1 to put the running head on the left margin. 

On Page 2 of the document, repeat the process above for the "Page Number", using number "2" instead.

When adding the header, just enter your paper's title: "FULL TITLE OF THE PAPER".