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Library Policies

Archives Policy

Background and Purpose

This collection policy provides a framework for the maintenance and development of the Archives Collection, located in Claude R. Rickman Library.


The mission of the Library Archives is to collect, organize, preserve, and make available records of enduring historical value created or received by Southern Wesleyan University for research, instructional, or administrative use.


The scope of the Library Archives collections is:

  • Southern Wesleyan University history and culture

The Library Archives is a repository for documents, publications, and images of permanent historical value relating to the history of Southern Wesleyan University and its relationship with the Wesleyan Church.

  • Records management

The Library Archives stores selective documents and records for administrative use.  Public access to certain records is restricted.

  • Significant individual collections

The Library Archives houses selective personal collections of distinguished faculty, staff, and alumni who made significant contributions to the university.  Items include personal and professional correspondence, diaries and journals, sermon and lecture notes, and photographs.

Collection Oversight

The Director of Library Services oversees the maintenance and development of the collection. 

Official university documents and records to be added to the collection must be submitted by the originating department, along with directions concerning any restrictions to access. 

Donations originating outside the university must be approved by the Director of Library Services.  A donor agreement form must be completed and signed before materials will be accepted.  The donor agreement form will be kept on file in the library.

Collection of Materials

The Library Archives is projected to remain limited, selective, and focused in the areas specified in this policy.  Collection size will be limited by adherence to this collection policy and by the amount of physical space available to house and protect the collections appropriately.

Types of materials collected include, but are not limited to:

  • University publications (newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, promotional materials, etc.)
  • Selected reports, minutes, records, etc. of university offices and departments
  • Photographs of university personnel, campus buildings and events
  • Papers and other items from distinguished faculty, staff, and alumni who made major contributions to their discipline and/or the university

Items that will not be accepted for the collection include, but are not limited to:

  • Yearbooks
  • Awards, plaques, trophies, etc.
  • Clothing items
  • Family photo albums
  • Family Bibles
  • Duplicate items
  • Any materials in poor condition that may harbor harmful matter, such as mold or insects
  • Materials pertaining solely to the history of the Wesleyan Church
  • Publications that have been digitized and made available by the Archives of the Wesleyan Church