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Bible Word Studies

Welcome to the Bible word studies research guide.

Welcome to the Bible word study guide!

Bible word study

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This guide will help you use concordances and on-line tools to study both an Old Testament or New Testament word. 

If you would like contextual information or elaboration on a particular term try using Bible Commentaries.

If at any time you would like further assistance, please contact the library. 

Hints and Problem Solving

  1. Always write down the number associated with your word and whether that number is the Strong's Number, the Goodrick/Kohlenberger, or the numbering system in the Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament.
  2. If you are having a hard time finding your word, make sure that you are using the correct concordance for your Bible translation of choice and that you have written down the correct number and the correct numbering system. 

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