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Welcome to the Zotero research guide.

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Registering for a Free Zotero Account

Registering for a Zotero account is easy! To create your account, simply choose your desired username, provide your email address, and designate a password. Once your account has been created, you'll be able configure your profile settings (everything is optional). If you'd like, you can provide your real name and location, and choose your disciplines. You can also share your affiliations, bio, website, and upload a picture of yourself.

By registering for a free account, you'll be able to sync your Zotero library between multiple computers which will allow you to access Zotero from any computer with internet access. You'll also be able to create and join Zotero Groups; a fantastic way to collaborate with colleagues and share your research.

Zotero's web interface is better than ever. Access your resources by logging in to your account at from any computer, regardless of which web browser you're using. Since all of your resources will be synced up in the cloud, you'll be able to edit, manage, and create new Zotero library items at, as well.

Using the New Zotero Website

Zotero's website has been completely updated to allow you to not only view your Zotero Library but also create and manage items through the website, using the editing icons above your list of resources or by clicking on an individual item. Just as you can edit any metadata using your Zotero pane within your browser, you can edit your Zotero resources right through Zotero's website. As always, you can view any attached items through the web interface.

Zotero Library at

Editing an item in your Zotero library:

editing an item within your Zotero library at the Zotero site

Collaboration & Groups

Using Zotero to work collaboratively with colleagues and to share your research sources with the world is easy using Zotero Groups.

To start a new Zotero Group, make sure you're logged in at Click on the Groups tab > click on Create a New Group

Group Types & Access:
You determine the level of visibility and access others have to your new group. Groups can be either Public or Private. Public groups can be open to anyone or by invitation only. Private groups are strictly visible to collaborators you invite to join your group.

Types of Zotero Groups

To join an existing group, use the Search feature to find groups your interested in joining.

Search for an existing Zotero Group