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Welcome to the Zotero research guide.

Creating Bibliographies

Zotero allows you to easily create bibliographies (in any bibliographic style) a few different ways.

First, you can add citations to your document using Zotero's in-text citation function and simply click the "Insert bibliography" icon within Microsoft Word using the Microsoft Word Zotero plug-in (or OpenOffice/LibreOffice/NeoOffice plug-ins). Once you've got the plug-in installed, your Zotero tools can be found in the "Add-Ins" tab (Microsoft Word 2010).

You can always change the bibliographic style by going into Preferences and choosing a different style. There is no need to regenerate the bibliography; Zotero will automatically make the adjustments.

Click the "Insert Bibliography" icon (third from left) to automatically create a bibliography in the style you've chosen. It's really that easy!

generating a bibliography in Word


Quick Copy: drag and drop your resources to create a bibliography in seconds!

Another way to create a bibliography is to use Zotero's Quick Copy function. To configure Quick Copy (aka "drag and drop"), click on the Actions icon (looks like a gear) > Preferences > Export > choose your default output bibliographic style > click OK. Now you are ready to create a bibliography using Quick Copy.

Simply select/highlight and then drag and drop the desired resources from your Zotero library pane into your word processing document, Google doc, new email message, blog post, etc. It's really that easy!

Zotero will automatically create an alphabetized, formatted bibliography with just one click!