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MGMT 5823 Integrated Studies in Management

Welcome to the Integrated Studies in Management research guide.

Balanced Scorecard Project

In Session Five, each student will continue the strategy development and deployment (execution) proposal with review of the articles and videos on the BSC. This assignment will require the planning of performance metrics to assess each strategic objective (bubble) on the strategy map. The paper should continue with the addition of:
• A Balanced Scorecard to align to the Strategy Map
• A proposal for the Strategy Map/BSC Cascade, and how to use the cascade to implement
the strategy in all divisions, department, units and by all individuals.
• Biblical perspective
Requirements for the Paper include:
A formal paper in APA format, 10 to 12 pages in length, with at least 8-10 quality references.The grading rubrics for this assignment are found in Appendix H.

Value Discipline, Mission, Vision, and Values Paper

In Session Two, each student is required to research the selected organization and information from your text, class, videos, and other references and prepare a paper that addresses:
• An introduction to the paper that addresses all components of the Final Project closing with a thesis sentence.
• An overview of the organization and the services provided
• The value discipline and positioning for competitive advantage
• The mission, vision, values statements of the organization
• An evaluation of how the mission, vision, values operationalize the value discipline
• A biblical perspective
Requirements for the paper include:
A formal paper in APA format; 3 to 5 pages in length; with at least 3-5 scholarly references. See grading rubric Appendix D.