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Remote Teaching Resources

Conducting Courses Remotely

Recorded Class Sessions

Uploading a Video into Canvas

Recording a Video in Canvas

Recording and Narrating Powerpoints (Video)

Live Class Sessions

Our supported video conferencing software is Zoom, and it boasts several methods to communicate with your students in real-time at a distance. Using polls, screen sharing, chats, and other features, Zoom can be modified to help you meet with and engage, your students for class hours, office hours, or scheduled appointments. Like all of the technologies we support, we highly recommend that you test out Zoom a couple of times before you go live with your class.

Creating and Using Free Zoom Account

Share your screen in Zoom

If you'd like to switch from a video of you, to a presentation,or to other things on your screen, you can do so using screen share. Find out more about screen sharing.