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Remote Teaching Resources

Linking to items found in the databases

Library databases are purchased for SWU students, faculty, and staff. The library has different databases that contain articles, videos, music and art.

When embedding an article link into your course or other documents, you aren't able to simply cut and paste the link found in the URL (web address).  There is a syntax you need to follow.  Usually, adding a permalink to your course readings follows copyright procedures with no headaches!

An example of how to get a permalink for an article can be found below.

EBSCO Databases

    1. Locate the article in any of the EBSCO databases.
    2. Click on the Detailed Record link.
    3. Click on the Permalink icon (chainlink icon on right side of the screen).
    4. A Permalink will show in a box at the top of the screen.


               4.   Copy the Permalink that appears on the screen.

               5.   Paste the resulting link to class material or in Canvas.