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Student Worker Handbook: Scheduling

What you need to know to excel as a library assistant

Library Contact Numbers

If you are sick or have an emergency and must miss your shift, call in this order until you reach a library staff member:

Jenn 864-952-9098

​Shannon 644-5072

Information Desk  644-5060

Please remember that Ms. Jenn should always be your first contact as she is your direct supervisior.


Hours per Week

Federal   6.5 hours / week

Non-Federal   5.5 hours / week

You will be scheduled for 6 or 5 hours and leave the half hour free for training time and rearranging the week of finals.  

It's Up To You

  • Know how many hours you should work each week. 
  • Do not arrive early to work or stay late to get a few extra minutes.  If you are scheduled from 2:00 to 4:00, you work 2:00 to 4:00.
  • It is always our first choice for you to swap shifts of equal time with another worker if you need to be off.
  • If you pick up a shift for someone else, you MUST adjust your weekly schedule accordingly.  For example, if you cover a two-hour shift for another worker on Tuesday, then you must work 2 less hours during your scheduled shifts throughout the rest of the week.  It is YOUR responsibility to keep track of your time. 

Fall 2017

Missed Shifts

  • Missed time should be made up as soon as possible.  Time not made up by the end of the month will be lost (meaning you will not get paid for those hours!).
  • The only time that can be made up is sick time or pre-approved absences when you cannot find some to switch with.
  • When you need to work an unscheduled shift to make up time, do not just drop by--set up a time in advance with a staff member.  You may only make up time when you are needed for desk coverage or other library work.