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Student Worker Handbook: Welcome and Announcements

What you need to know to excel as a library assistant

Rickman Library Mission Statement

The Claude R. Rickman Library engages the Southern Wesleyan University Community by supporting and cultivating scholarship and creativity through access to staff, services, and resources.

Straighten and Dust

J PIC, J Non-fiction, & J FIC : Abbie

000-199 : Emily

200-299 : Lydia

300-499 : Sierra

500-799 : Taylor

800-899 : 

900-999 : 

CL, CDs, MS, YA & DVDs : 



Information Desk Schedule
Fall 2022 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2:00-3:00 Sierra Sierra
3:00-4:00 Sierra Sierra
4:00-5:00 Abbie Taylor Emily Lydia
5:00-6:00 Abbie Taylor Emily Lydia
6:00-7:00 Taylor Abbie Lydia Emily
7:00-8:00 Taylor Abbie Lydia Emily
8:00-9:00 Emily Lydia Abbie Sierra
9:00-10:00 Emily Lydia Abbie Sierra


We're glad to have you working with us as part of the Rickman Library staff.  In this position you will serve your fellow students as well as SWU faculty and staff.  Remember that you represent the University and are often some of the first people seen by visitors touring campus.

The library staff members are as follows: Joni Addis, Library Director; Heather Gray, Distance Learning Librarian; Jean-Mark Sens, Reference & Instruction Librarian.

Please keep in mind that you were hired to work on library tasks and not your homework.  There are specific tasks for each shift.  Only once those tasks are completed may you do homework.

Being a student worker in the library provides an excellent opportunity for you to gain experience in a professional setting. You will cultivate job skills such as teamwork, punctuality, regular attendance, attention to detail, verbal and written communication, customer service, initiative, and organizational skills.  Students who are successful assistants will be able to use library staff members as references for programs, scholarships, and future employment.

The following pages outline the policies and procedures for library student workers. Please take time to review them and become familiar with them, as we will expect you to know them and abide by them as an employee of the library.