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Student Worker Handbook: FAQ

What you need to know to excel as a library assistant

In case you were wondering...

Where do I get more paper for the printer?

     •Paper is located in the metal storage unit in Heather's office.

Where do the recycling bins go when I take them out?

     •The full bins go out on the front sidewalk all the way to the right corner toward Stu-B.

Where do the recycling bins go when I bring them back in?

     •1 under the front desk

     •1 by the trash can across from the front desk

     •2 under the paper cutter table in the 24/7 room

     •1 in the back room under the calendar

     •all extras can go outside the front doors along the wall by the trash can.

Where do I find cleaning supplies?

     •The rags and spray to wipe down tables, trash bags, & vacuum, are all located in the janitor's closet beside the handicap bathroom.

Where do I find staples, paper clips, & other office supplies?

     •All office type supplies are located in the cabinets by the sink in the back room.

Do I count library staff or PASS directors in the count?

     •No, only students are counted.

Do I count a person if only their stuff is lying on a table or in a study room?

     •No, only count physical bodies.